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Here we collect our ruminations on life, the universe, and everything. Here there be dragons. From life and inspiration, to a peek behind the scenes, and everything in between, This is where we publicly take our journey. Join the conversation. Become a part of the story.

Experiences That Inspire Us

Draven here. Each of us have stories of things that we've experienced that inspired us to greater things and gave us a taste of how much more deep and exciting our lives can be. Keeping in the context of entertainment, what events changed your life and inspired you to...

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What’s all this talk about Shadows?

In our mini-documentary training video, we describe Shadow creatures as peaceful and inspiring creatures. In some posts and literature we have revealed that is not always the case. In fact, while that may serve as a good introduction to Shadow creatures found within a...

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Where has 2016 gone?

2016 has been a year of MASSIVE amounts of work behind-the-scenes. From completely rebuilding Rock Circus Masquerade from the ground up, to story writing, music recording, new members, and more. Here's just a small sample of everything that's been going on and what's...

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Lost Lyrics: Lie

Draven recently found these lyrics when sorting through his old notebooks. Coincidentally, it was the first in a fifteen-year old notebook, followed by none other than the original song lyrics for Clementine. It was never read or heard by anyone until November 20th,...

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