Who is The Silent Still?

Drawing inspiration from the stories and mission of The Silent Still Society, the music side of The Silent Still has been called “H.P. Lovecraft in a band” and compared to the sounds of bands like Tool and 30 Seconds to Mars. Their lyrics draw from a similar place to their written stories, using allegory and visual poetry to share this emotional journey called life, and taking comfort in that we are not alone.

The Music

While we could go on to explain the vast array of artists the band has shared the stage with for The Silent Still’s events, the incredible radio shows they have been featured on, or the incredible stories behind their music, we have other pages for that. Instead, here is a selection of their music for you to listen to.

Draven Grey

Vocals, Keyboards

Draven has performed in front of crowds in the tens of thousands; composed music for television and film; and been a guest singer, keyboardist, and voice talent on multiple projects, some selling upwards of one million copies. He has also published articles, books, and courses on the many facets of furthering a rock band’s career.

Additionally, he’s written short stories, audio dramas, children’s books, comics, and novels. He is an accomplished professional musician, author, artist, rock band success coach, voice talent, voice teacher, and recording engineer.

He also wears wigs. Yep, wigs. Feel free to suggest a new hairstyle!


Bass, Vocals

Having survived children’s cancer; carried the Olympic Torch; toured the world singing Opera; made it into the Western Music Hall of Fame; and performed both musically and as a radio host to millions of people; we’re convinced Amidei has super-human powers.

To further confirm our suspicions, he has also fought a mountain lion off with a Bo staff; saved sharks from their demise with his bare hands; and has written, produced, and directed multiple films, plays, musicals, and commercials.

Amidei is probably one of the most interesting members of The Silent Still, and has become a treasured part of the team. He is a great friend, a treasure trove of ideas, a phenomenal musician, and integral part of The Silent Still.

Mike Anderson

Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards

Mike is a bit of a mystery to us. He showed up to band rehearsal one day and never left.

With a lot of experience as a guitarist, music producer, composer, song-writer, production manager, light programmer, sound and recording engineer, he’s one hell of a boon to the team.

He’s hella ticklish too. Well, maybe not. We’re too afraid to test that theory.

If H.P. Lovecraft created a rock band, this would be it.  Progressive Hard Rock band, The Silent Still, paints a tapestry of creativity by embracing a wide medium that extends FAR beyond just music.

Planet Mosh

The music has depth. It’s a woven tapestry of melodic and metallic, all done with a great deal of flourish.

Colorado Music Buzz

Bringing a creative breath of fresh air combined with meticulous musical craftsmanship to the forefront of the Neo-Victorian Progressive Rock scene.

J Todd Underhill

Internationally Acclaimed Poet

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