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The Stories: The Silent Still

Listen to and learn more about the Progressive Hard Rock band that draws their inspiration from the stories of The Society and made them public.

The Band: The Silent Still

Listen to and learn more about the Progressive Hard Rock band that draws their inspiration from the stories of The Society and made them public.

The Show: The Silent Still

Experience The Silent Still in an immersive Modern Vaudeville live show with music, acrobatics, theatrics, story-telling, and more.

The Store: The Silent Still

Own a piece of The Silent Still Universe for yourself and become a part of the story.

From the blog

We like to share this journey and experience with you.

Please read through our blog, comment, make suggestions, and be a part of this amazing life with us.

Down with the Tyrant

Down with the Tyrant

To The Silent Army:
The greatest tyranny is from within; to hold yourself back from your dreams and visions of a greater life, a greater you than you are now. Why spend your time, your very life, complaining about the oppressive forces of authority when you have not first looked at the oppression youContinue Reading

Ignore the Hecklers

Ignore the Hecklers

To The Silent Army:
You are not bound by the actions of others, but only by your own actions. You may not choose the lot you’re given, but you choose what to do with it and where you want your journey to take you from here.

Ignore the complainers; ignore the Continue Reading

Album, store, memberships & merch are GO!

Album, store, memberships & merch are GO!

There is just too much awesomeness to include in this post!!! We’ve been extremely hard at work over the last year and a half, ever since you helped us raise money for children with Autism and just enough money to start building our recording studio and merch. All that hard work has paid off!Continue Reading

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re incredibly thankful for all of you; for motivating us to be our best and deliver the absolute best content we can for you; for encouraging us through difficult times; for being our champions when we needed your help; for being our friends on this journey called life; and for happily accepting our creations, from our hearts to yours. We hopeContinue Reading

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The music has depth. It’s a woven tapestry of melodic and metallic, all done with a great deal of flourish.

Michael Amidei, Award winning musician, author, & producer

In my time working in the entertainment industry; never have I run into a group like The Silent Still. Bringing a creative breath of fresh air combined with meticulous musical craftsmanship to the forefront of the Neo-Victorian Progressive Rock scene.

J Todd Underhill, Poet & international radio show host

The Silent Still is a band that has both artistic conviction and integrity. They are an example of hard work meeting creativity and blending it in a way that is truly original and bold.

Kingmi Baby, Music journalist & musician

"I fear we have created a demon in our quest to harness the angels."

-From the Journal of Doctor Josef Schumann, 1942

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